Announcing the World's Most Advanced Airlaid Machine...

The MTS Greyline Airlaid Facilities

  • 5 Dan-Web airlaid forming heads
    • Each with its own precision synthetic fiber feeder, nit-free hammermill and powder doser
  • Now including 9 synthetic fiber feeding systems!
  • Multiple-density pseudo-layers within complex unitized webs
    • Z-direction density is adjustable with multiple compaction rolls, creating webs with up to 9 layers, with or without powders, as a single composite, all in one pass, plus on-line film or fabric lamination
  • Ultra-flexible materials feedstream systems The Greyline Machine
    • 9 synthetics, 5 wood pulps, 5 powder/particle, 3 fabric unwinds, online film lamination and slitting (plus 3 additional small-volume fiber feeders and one knife mill)
  • 0.6 meter wide, 15-1500+ gsm, up to 90% granule containing webs
    • 5 heads with individual granule dosers
  • Customer equipment module for equipment evaluation and composite experiments

    Click here to see the Greyline components and layout (pdf)
    Click here to see the Greyline feed system (pdf)