Greyline Airlaid Plant (click for more information)

Started up in the Summer of 2004, this is the world's most advanced airlaid machine, designed for industry research, and the development of superior airlaid products of the future.  With 5 next-generation Dan-Web airlaid forming heads, a series of ultra-flexible feedstream systems and an additional station for optional equipment, this 0.6 meter wide plant is capable of web weights of 15-1500+ gsm, up to 90% granule-containing webs.

The MTS Greyline Airlaid Facilities offer:

R&D rental time
Grade demonstration and optimization
Short run and difficult grade production
First commercialization run development time
Market roll-out confidential production services

Airlaid Pilot Plant (click for more information)

Based on the Dan-Web airlaid pilot plant machine, with two independently fed forming heads, this R&D system offers maximum grade flexibility.  Operating at relatively slow speeds compared to commercial production lines, this pilot plant can make novel structures for tomorrow's products today.  The plant can make unusually light or very heavy composite fabrics including those normally made on carding equipment.  100% synthetic fiber webs are possible at both high and low basis weights in uniformly blended composites or as layered webs.