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MTS Airlaid Pilot Plant - General Specifications

Dan-Web Airlaid FormerThe airlaid process for making wood pulp fibers into roll goods has great potential. Besides obvious environmental benefits, airlaid composite webs offer almost unlimited product development opportunities for both the paper and nonwovens industries.

Because MTS's laboratories have many years of experience with airlaid grade development and product testing, the pilot line is specially designed to offer maximum flexibility regarding recipes and basis weight. Designed from the beginning as a "test roll" development facility, a great deal of prototyping can be performed without the expense associated with running full-scale machines for concept testing. A full range of virgin and recycled fibers, particles and additives can be produced at ultrahigh or ultralow densities using latex, thermal bonding or water/pressure bonding techniques.

Production Width
Basis Weight


Superabsorbent Addition

Synthetic Fiber Blends

Pulp Defibration

Bonding Methods

Terms for Typical Projects

Click Here for an interactive schematic of the Pilot Plant layout

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