Absorbent Products Design Seminar
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A Tour of the
MTS Airlaid and Laboratory Facilities!

April 5-7, 2016
Radisson Plaza Hotel
Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Marketing Technology Service, Inc. invites you to attend a comprehensive briefing on absorbent disposables. The two and a half day event focuses on designing superior diapers, feminine pads and wipes.

This is a must-attend conference for technical people involved in design and QA, and it is also a unique chance to see technology that is seldom presented. It covers absorbent products design in a format understandable to non-technical people in sales, marketing or management, as well as to technical people new to this secretive industry. Extensive use of videos and demonstrations will illustrate the concepts and interactions of design choices. Complex chemistry and mathematical modeling will be avoided, but delegates will find themselves exposed to a large amount of technical information that is generally considered to be “secret.”

In addition, delegates will view elaborate airlaid SAP composites and advanced wiper fabrics in production.