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April 29-May 1, 2015
Radisson Plaza Hotel
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Our most recent event, this was the second in our series of absorbent product design courses. Building on the content from the 2013 Symposium, the program was updated to include the latest industry developments and product innovations. The Seminar concluded with a tour or the MTS Greyline and Blueline airlaid facilities, MTS-produced airlaid grade samples, and an introduction to the MTS Testing System Equipment and in-house Testing Laboratory capabilities.

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May 21-23, 2013
Radisson Plaza Hotel
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Marketing Technology Service, Inc. sponsored this new event on absorbent disposables. The two and a half day event focused on designing superior diapers, feminine pads and wipes. 

This conference was targeted at technical people involved in design and QA, and included a unique chance to see technology that is seldom presented. It covered absorbent products design in a format understandable to non-technical people in sales, marketing or management, as well as to technical people new to this secretive industry. Extensive use of videos and demonstrations illustrated the concepts and interactions of design choices. Delegates were provided a large amount of technical information that is generally considered to be “secret.” 

Delegates also toured the MTS facilities, including the Greyline and Blueline airlaid plants featuring elaborate airlaid SAP composites and advanced wiper fabrics in production, and the MTS Laboratories and testing equipment.

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Airlaid Plant Tour

• March 15-17, 2011 •
• Radisson Plaza Hotel •
• Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA •

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The 2011 MTS Executive Short Course was held March 15-17 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  MTS has been conducting Executive Level Short Courses since 1993.  The 2011 Short Course expanded to 4 sessions over 2 days, and included an exclusive opportunity to see the MTS Greyline Airlaid Plant in action on the third day, along with the MTS testing facility and demonstrations of absorbent product testing devices.  Designed for both experienced professionals and newcomers to the industry, this event provided a large amount of practical information without the need for delegates to have an extensive technical background.

& Airlaid Plant Tour

March 11-12, 2008
Radisson Plaza Hotel
& Suites
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA


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MTS held another of its high-intensity executive short courses in Kalamazoo, Michigan, March 11-12, 2008.  MTS has conducted a series of this event worldwide, beginning in 1993.

This event is designed for both experienced professionals and newcomers to the industry.  It offers a large amount of practical information without the need for delegates to have an extensive technical background.  The airlaid machine demonstration was a rare event and a special opportunity. 

Take a look at the Program to determine which new persons from your group should attend the next Short Course event.  Personalized Short Course presentations can also be arranged at your location.

Evaluations from previous Short Courses in this series:

“This was a worthwhile course and I am highly recommending it to co-workers!”
“I learned more technology in days than I’ve learned in my three years on the job at xxxxxxxx!”
“Quality and content of presentation were very good. Excellent.”
“Best part of the course was the speaker’s obvious in-depth knowledge of his topic.”
“Good overview- Many aspects of industry, products/markets presented.”
“Very good course... contacts excellent. Well done.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I found the forthright, no holds barred presentation very good.”


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Tuesday, March 29 - Thursday, March 31, 2005
Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo Center
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Marketing Technology Service is pleased to sponsor the Nonwovens Technology Conference series, first offered in 1998. This three-day event includes presentations of the highest standards by industry professionals on four major current topics:

• Adjusting to Changing Economics of Raw Materials
• Thin Absorbent Systems for Baby, Adult, Feminine and Absorbent Pads
• Designing Superior Surface Wiping Products
• Advances in Nonwoven Fabric Technologies

Included each morning is a brief executive short course session covering topics relevant to the day’s agenda. These detailed presentations are of interest to both experienced delegates and newcomers.

PLUS:  Delegates to the Nonwovens Technology Conference were guests for an exclusive tour and demonstration of the new MTS Greyline Airlaid Facility, the most advanced airlaid facility now in operation.

Nonwovens Technology Conference 2004

Sorrento, Italy  --  March 9-11, 2004  --  Hilton Sorrento Palace

     The NTC 2004 was held in Sorrento, Italy on March 9-11, 2004.  Following in the tradition of the MTS sponsored Nonwovens Technical Conferences started in 1998, this event combined a tutorial executive short course on thin absorbent product design with a provocative collection of forward-looking presentations by industry leaders.  

More Information on this conference (pdf format)

MTS Short Course in Absorbent Products 

This executive-level short course is widely acclaimed as offering more useable information than other available imitations.  While technically oriented and detailed, the study of heavy chemistry and equations is NOT part of this briefing.  Instead, the speakers make extensive use of practical demonstration on VCRs and provide explanations of the proprietary knowledge base required to understand the terms, the business and its manufacturing.  This course typically includes pilot plant demonstrations of making advanced absorbent composites and prototype fabrics not yet offered in the commercial marketplace.  Suitable for new employees and experienced professionals.  Special custom short courses can be arranged at your location.  Click to see the 2002 Program

The INSIGHT Conference was purchased by INDA in 2014. 

Historical INSIGHT International Conference Proceedings are available from 1979-2013 from MTS.

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