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  • MTS TEFO Testing Equipment Available for PurchaseTesting Equipment

    When companies need to know how their absorbent products perform, they turn to MTS TEFO Testing Systems to get solid data.  The testing equipment is available for purchase

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    MTS TEFO Tester Manual (pdf, 4.5 MB)
    MTS TEFO 12 Mannequin Tester Manual (pdf, 3 MB)
    MTS TEFO Mannequin Dimensions (pdf)

    • Crucial Testing Equipment -- The MTS Nit Counter!The MTS Nit Counter

      The MTS Nit Counter is an invaluable piece of equipment for baby, adult & feminine hygiene product makers, airlaid roll goods producers, and pulp suppliers & buyers, for evaluating the quality of hammermilled fluff pulp.  The 2-1/2 minute video demonstrates the testing equipment in action.

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      MTS Nit Counter Video
        -  Windows Media Video format (16.5 MB, 2.5 minutes)

      • The MTS Greyline Airlaid PlantThe Greyline Airlaid Facility

        Started up in the Summer of 2004, and designed for industry research, this airlaid facility is still the world's most advanced airlaid machine available.  Several additions keep this 0.6 meter wide system on the cutting edge.  With 13 years of experience with this superior manufacturing equipment, the MTS airlaid group can help you realize your ambitious airlaid goals.

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        • The MTS Airlaid Pilot PlantThe MTS Airlaid Pilot Plant

          Located within feet of our MTS Testing Laboratories, this 0.25 meter wide pilot plant, with its 2 Dan-Web airlaid forming heads, is ideal for developing layered nonwoven composite structures, offering rapid adjustment capabilities to fine tune recipes and structures with on-the-spot testing results.

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  • MTS Testing Equipment Video Available Online

    MTS Testing Equipment is used by absorbent product designers and producers worldwide to create and optimize superior products.  A 17 minute video describing the separate devices is now available to watch or download.  The video is available in two formats:  Windows Media Video (.wmv) and Flash Video (.flv).  These files are very large, so a broadband connection is recommended for access.

    MTS Video: Windows Media Video format (75.2 MB) 
    MTS Video: Flash Video format (59.6 MB)

    • The MTS Automated Testing Dosage System

      MTS now offers customized, automated dosage systems for unattended repeat dose and overnight testing of up to 16 mannequins at one time.


  • MTS Solutions for Oil Spill Incidents

    MTS has a product designed for extraction of oil from surface water: Gorilla Oil Grabber.  In addition we have fabrics for removing oil from affected wildlife, proven to work during the Enbridge oil spill into the Kalamazoo River during July 2010 in Michigan.

    YouTube and downloadable AVI videos of Gorilla Oil Grabber in action are available HERE.