Marketing Technology Service, Inc. Contact List
Marketing Technology Service, Inc. employees are listed, as well as job functions and an e-mail address. 

Airlaid Technology:

Greyline Airlaid Facilities
The Greyline Airlaid Plant is a 0.6 meter line with 5 Dan-Web forming heads, 4-stage through-dryer oven, Online lamination, calendering and slitting, and much more.  It is the world's most advanced airlaid machine, designed for industry research. Take advantage of our 10+ years of experience with this facility.

Airlaid Pilot Plant
Marketing Technology Service, Inc. is pleased to offer the industry a complete pilot plant airlaid former, available at our testing facilities.  The plant includes a dual-head Dan-Web air forming machine, three synthetic fiber feeders, two pulp hammermills, an oversized AIRTHERM through-dryer and four-roll heated calendar.

MTS offers discreet, behind-the-scenes help to companies big and small, with market research and tailored "Short Course" presentations specific to their interests and their location.

Testing Equipment
Marketing Technology Service, Inc. has provided quality information and confidential services to the paper, nonwovens and absorbent products industries since 1978.  A unique combination of true technical expertise, extensive product testing data and a worldwide high-level information network makes MTS the leading information company serving the absorbent products industry with more than 700 client companies. 

Product and Materials Testing
MTS offers product and material testing for many types of products.  Including
science-based testing for: Performance comparison of baby diapers, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene, wipes, all types of absorbent materials, nonwoven fabrics and absorbent paper products.

Conferences and Events
MTS organizes many types of conferences a year, including our Executive Short Course in Absorbent Products, Nonwovens Technology Conference, and our Absorbent Products Design Seminar.

Serving the nonwovens industry from 1986 to 2007,  MTS Publications published the world-renown  Nonwovens World Journal for Management, and the Nonwovens World Directory.  Although now out of publication, articles from the magazine are available for purchase.  MTS.Publications also offers proceedings and individual presentations from our conferences, as well as historical MTS multi-client studies from the 1980s and 1990s..