MTS Testing Equipment

MTS systems are the most advanced and respected instruments for testing absorbent products and materials.  Various configurations are available, depending on customer interests, but all are based around the concept of changing flow rates independently from the total liquid volume dosed when testing baby diapers, adult disposables and feminine hygiene products.  A computer controlled stepper motor connected to a positive displacement pump allows the system to be tuned to realistic dosage conditions for the type of product being designed.  Different testing instruments are connected to this system to quantify both the final product performance and separate the individual design issues that translate into final product performance numbers.

In 2002 a redesign was completed of the electronics and software to add customizable controller capability for controlling the MTS Testing System and other laboratory instruments as well.  The new software has added improvements to the liquid acquisition tests and data transfer capabilities for improved operator convenience.  Since that time we have added more features and equipment, such as the Automated Multi-Dosage System and the MTS Nit Counter.

See the MTS Laboratory Testing Equipment Components here

A 17 minute video describing the separate devices is now available to watch or download.  The video is available in two formats:  Windows Media Video (.wmv) and Flash Video (.flv). 

MTS Testing Equipment Video:  -  Windows Media Video format (75.2 MB, 17 minutes) 
MTS Testing Equipment Video:  -  Flash Video format (59.6 MB, 17 minutes)

A 2-1/2 minute video showing the Nit Counter test is now available to watch or download. 

MTS Nit Counter Video  -  Windows Media Video format (16.5 MB, 2.5 minutes) 

MTS Testing Equipment Documents:

MTS TEFO Tester Manual (4.5 MB)
MTS TEFO 12 Mannequin Tester Manual (3 MB)
MTS TEFO Tester Customer List
MTS TEFO Mannequin Dimensions